Brian Allsopp Architect Ltd. Is a 14-person firm led by Brian Allsopp. Established in 1988, we are an independent full-service architectural and interior design firm. We have an established reputation for design excellence and have expertise in a variety of building typologies. We have completed many projects in various sectors including institutional, education, commercial, multi-family, municipal and cultural work. We are also experienced both in new construction projects as well as existing building renovations and additions. We have also completed numerous feasibility proposals that have involved design planning, conceptual site layout, urban design development, master planning and functional programming.

As a smaller office, we tend to work laterally, drawing from the strengths each individual has to offer. We think our past work with numerous building types helps make us an excellent candidate for various projects. Furthermore, we have an in-depth understanding of design in the education sector and have worked with facilities maintenance and steering committees to complete a number of renovations for both public and private institutions. We also believe we have the capacity of provide all necessary architectural services as needed by the town of Hinton.



Brian Allsopp Architect LTD. Celebrated its 30th year in 2018. We maintain a focused office with 14 staff, including four registered architects, two intern architects and one graduate student architect, on the south side of Edmonton.

Our firm specializes in institutional, municipal, commercial, multi-family residential, offices, and retail buildings. We provide full design services for interior projects including professional offices, retail stores and restaurants. Our work has been recognized in many local and national publications. Brian Allsopp Architect also provides design advisory services, including programming, feasibility studies, site master planning, consultant selection land use strategy and related pre-design services. (See Professional Services Terms)



“Our practice is committed to architecture as a fine art. Using the highest standards of professionalism, we strive to produce significant and lasting works of art. I am fascinated by creativity, by the spiritual, mental and physical energy required to do the work of an architect. I am pursued by the idea of mathematical order, but desperately dream the most romantic of shapes. I seek simultaneously both the most rational and arbitrary of architectural forms. I am committed to an appropriate and authentic Canadian architecture and urbanism, born not of nationalism but of the sheer power and possibilities of our land.”   

- Brian Allsopp, Principal